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Главная » Статьи » Тексты Песен » System Of A Down

From a post up high,
From where you see the ships afar,
From a well trained eye,
The waves all keep on crashing by,
If you are the light post,
Then you own the working class,
But if you want the answers,
You better give a piece of ass,
Give a piece of your ass,

Post hypnotic suggestions,
Running the ships ashore,
The orange light that follows,
Will soon proclaim itself a god,
If you point your questions,
The fog will surely chew you up,
But if you want the answers,
You better get ready for the fire,
Get ready for the fire,

The ships are multiplying day after day sir,
And they're coming close to the shore sir, shore sir,
We need to evacuate the light post,
It's all over, it's all over ~~
It's all over.

Категория: System Of A Down | Добавил: DrPepper (03 Декабря 2007)
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